Monday, August 28, 2006

The failure of our democracy

This is just something I've wanted to explain for a long time. Democracy works by having an active and informed voting population. When the greeks invented it in Athens thousands of years ago, every one that voted was passionate about the cause, they met literally daily in official forums to discuss the issues, and everyone knew what was going on. For them democracy worked great (although not for the majority of the population as they were slaves, but thats irrelevant for now). The voting turnout at the last UK election was about 60%. And I'd estimate that half of those voters made the choice based upon what the Sun or Daily Mail said, and that does NOT count as an educated, informed vote i'm afraid. Thus I conclude that we're lucky if 25% of our population made a proper vote at the last election. This results in our country being lead by liars and war criminals.

Also having two leading parties does nothing to help; nobody bothers voting for Lib Dems because they assume they won't win, so the choice is always between Labour and Conservatives, and people have to just choose the lesser Evil. Democracy isn't supposed to be about this, it's supposed to be about having your voice heard, in exchange for participating and playing a role in your community and politics.

So there's a little lesson for you.

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