Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pete Doherty Is an ignorant lazy junkie prick who should have been put in jail years ago.


It's so obvious that any other person caught with the same amount of drugs as Pete Doherty would have been put in prison straight away. Doherty has been arrested about... I'll guess a DOZEN times, always at least for possesion of Crack and usually with heroin/speed/marijuana/whatever aswell. Yet he gets lot off EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. This is driving me absolutely crazy; our criminal justice system has absolutely NO WORTH if famous people aren't treated the same as everyone else. If everyone isn't treated equally it's pointless, and Doherty has clearly been given preferential treatment because he's a famous musician, and the courts have obviously mistaken his arrogant selfish cunt-face ways for Talent.
Basically this twat should have been put in prison long ago for crimes against music, let alone his constistent and arrogant drug abuse. TWAT.

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