Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feeding Corporate Greed Is Fun Kids!!!

I had trouble believing that this is what it looks like, but it appears Toys R Us really do sell this "toy" consisting of a pretend McDonalds meal. It's like, it's just, so wrong I don't know what to say. By no stretch of the imagination should children be associating fun and playtime with eating cheap fatty junk food. Poor parents will have to get this to stop their children crying "McDonalds McDonalds!", they can just give them this toy each time instead of the actual meal, no need to really feed them or anything. Actually this reminds me of something I saw on boingboing once about a toy from the 60s that's like a pretend syringe, even with little sugar pill things, so kids can imitate their parents' heroin addictions... what fun!

(via Tom Watson)

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