Friday, November 17, 2006

Guardian gets slashdotted

I love it when this happens. My little Guardian getting worldwide coverage! This is a story about how they cracked the governments "secure" biometric passports. Har har har, in the real world this would make the government realise it's a stupid idea, and will never work, but I'm sure they'll continue with the whole ID Cards milarkey anyway.

On a related note, this made me chuckle:

George Bush doesn't read the Guardian often

Mr Bush was asked about the report in yesterday's Guardian that he was planning a final push in Iraq involving an additional 30,000 troops.

"Is that something...," began a reporter.

"Where was that report?" asked Mr Bush.

"In the Guardian newspaper," the journalist replied.

"Guardian newspaper? Well, I don't read that paper often. But I - look, I'm going to listen to our commanders, Steve. Ours is a condition-based strategy [...] So I'm not aware of the Guardian article."

Since I'm going on about the Guardian so much I might aswell continue. The podcasts were very good today, the media one had some great coverage of Channel Four's plan for digital video downloads, which I also talked about yesterday. And the news podcast had a great report with the guy who cracked the passports detailing how he did it. In only 48 hours and with £175 pounds might I add, something that doesn't sound too difficult for terrorists.

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