Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Queens Speech Live Blogging

It's about to start! Quick! Here's a direct link to the bbc live bbc coverage.

LIVE COVERAGE OF THE QUEENS SPEECH! (i've got nothing better to do)

11.10: Apparently the queens chair is an inch shorter than her husbands, how freakin fascinating!

11.11: Just caught a glimpse of Lord Bell

11.14: She's on the way

11.16: Haha, apparently her coach has air conditioning, brakes, electric windows! What's the world coming too. Media Player Classic won't let me take screenshots of the video feed, dunno why. Oh the national anthem just started, it's hotting up!!!

11.18: She's out the carriage in a very fetching white fur type thing. Walking up some stairs surrounded by people in funny costumes.

11.21: Interestingly this is also being broadcast on al-jazeera. Wonder what they want with all this secret information about the inner workings of our democracy...

11.23: Apparently it's running 3 or 4 minutes late, shame on you miss queen. In all honesty I'm only watching this in case she falls over or something.

11.27: It seems the important characters in this film are Black Rod and the Purse Bearer. Everyones waiting with great anticipation.

11.31: Nothing's happening. I'm getting bored.

11.32: Oh it's all happening now! I can't believe I nearly stopped. The Queen and her Husband dude who's name I forget (He's not called King is he?) are walking in, some little boys are carrying her skirt thing which is pretty wierd if you ask me. More people in stupid costumes. Oh wait, this is all a load of pointless pomp and nonsense isn't it. I wonder how much this costs the taxpayer? (Just a bit of political insight for you there).

11.35: The Black Rod dude is going to get the Commons people. I remember this all from last year now.

11.37: Ha ha ha. The MPs are asked to go into the thing, Dennis Skinner makes his expected joke, this years jem being "Is helen mirren on standby?" Oh har har har. You old chuf you. They're all rushing to the house of Lords now, where there's a space about 15 foot square for 500 MPs. This'll be fun.

11.41: The Queens started to talk. She'll just go on about things Blair's told her to say for about an hour, doesn't sound like she knows what she's talking about. Thrilling.

11.42: Stuff about terrorism, proceeding with ID Cards, criminal justice, blah blah blah, "new powers to protect/oppress the public".

11.48: BBC video feed breaking. Skippy still frames of the queen is better than having to hear her talk.

11.52: Oh was that it? People seem to be leaving now. I thought it would be longer than that. 27 Bills in total, criminal justice, organised crime, order and immigration, fraud, climate change. Seems to be a lot of law and order. Pension age will be raised to 68 by 2046. MPs are starting to sit back down in the commons. Saw Cameron and Blair having a bit of a chat.

11.54: Lol, from the commentator: "I wonder if the queens interested in free bus passes for the elderly? Although no buses drive past Buckingham Palace so maybe she's not interested".

11.59: Well the Queen's off, looks like the drugs were starting to wear off so it's back to bed for her

12.01: It's all over, Parliament is officially open or something. So bye for now, time for a coffee.

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