Monday, January 22, 2007

Google stuff

I couldn't sleep so I decided to come and play around with my blog a bit. I've added loads of Google stuff, which was surprisingly easy, especially now they own Blogger. The whole adsense system is integrated so you can just choose an ad like any other "widget" (I think that's what they call them).

So I put an advert in, don't tell me I'm selling out, I'm a starving student! The last time I tried using adsense I made a whole $30, but it's not even worth cashing because the current exchange rate makes that £15 and my bank insist on charging £10 for cashing a cheque in a foreign currency, which would bring my profit to a grand total of £5. Maybe it'll work better this time (Maybe I'll even continue posting).

I also put in a little search box which is actually really cool. I was impressed how much you can customize it, choosing all the colours and the theme and even your own logo for the top. I don't actually have a logo just that picture of me so that's what you get. Go on, search away then.

And there's a little button linking you to the "google pack" which is, funnily enough, a "pack" of software picked by google. I hate to sound like an official salesman but all the essentials are there and it's really worth getting if you don't already have them all. There's too many to mention but trust me.

Finally I added a Flickr widget at the bottom of the sidebar showing my three most recently added photos. I haven't really uploaded anything good yet apart from my guitar and sunsets, but it'll get better I promise.

The weekend was fairly rubbishy, I spent most of the time sitting in the dark in my room listening to music real loud. I'm not sure it helped so hopefully next week I'll get out more, including going to see Norma Jean! Tuesday night at Oxford Zodiac, it'll be a riot.

Oh and Isohunt aren't back yet, though they claim they're on the way so hopefully everything will be fine soon.


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charcoalfeathers said...

I hope you're alright, im always here if you need anything...yeah x