Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Transcript of Todays Monthly Press Conference With Tony Blair

Journalist: 32,000 people have been killed in Iraq next year, do you think an increase in troops will help?

Blair: Well you say that but I don't agree

Journalist: All the polls show that Scots want independence, what do you think about that?

Blair: No they don't

Journalist: Do you think its fair that the olympics are going to take money from the lottery fund away from vital causes?

Blair: I'm not going to answer that

Journalist: What do you think about the situation in Iraq?

Blair: I'm not going to answer that

Journalist: What's your name, who are you!

Blair: I can't answer that. Stop asking me all these questions! Go away!

Thats real democracy at work for you! Good job our representatives are answerable to their mistakes.


On a more serious note here is an actual quote from the conference (Guardian coverage) Although the things I wrote above aren't far off:

Jon Snow comes back on the Saudi corruption probe that was dropped - the SFO was "very hot on the heels", and very few people believe the Saudis would have dropped intelligence co-operation. Isn't your message: "Corruption is entirely unacceptable - unless the Saudis are invovled?"

"No, absolutely not. My view, and I may be wrong, is that had we proceeded with this investigation it would have significantly, materially damaged our relationship with Saudi Arabia."

"You used your executive position to overule the rule of law!" rebuts Mr Snow.

"I take a judgment about the national interest, and that's my job," stonewalls Mr Blair. "This wasn't just a personal whim of mine, and from everything I know it was extremely soundly based."

Basically Blair saying we couldn't charge the Saudi's with corruption because they threatened to stop sharing terrorism intelligence. We give in to things like that now do we? "I take a judgment about the national interest, and that's my job," regardless of the rule of law or anything silly like that.

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