Monday, February 12, 2007

9 Things The Non-Tech Savvy Do That Annoy Geeks

Digg - 9 Things The Non-Tech Savvy Do That Annoy Geeks

dude two weeks ago my dad's cousin called me all the way from italy asking me why microsoft outlook doesn't work. i was like wtf do i know. install thunderbird and then she was all like I thought you were good at these things and i was like no i am not and dont ever ask me for help again.

That's from a comment somewhere down the page, happens to me so often! Eg "I can't get this working in internet explorer/windows media player/outlook/ms office". The answer: "install firefox/winamp/thunderbird/openoffice". Pretty simple to be honest.

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jennimi said...

hee, I love that. Your response is so much nicer than the commenter on DIGG however. When you're comfortable with this stuff, it's easy to forget how so many people are still mystified by their computers and "the web". But without their collective confusion, IT jobs exist not, methinks? :) Nice blog. I came looking for info on this "Jesus tomb thing" but this post struck me.