Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Guardian round up

I read the Guardian almost cover to cover every day so I thought I may aswell start sharing this knowledge with the world, Chomsky has been inspiring me towards activism this week. I might even try and do it everyday if you're lucky.

  • Al Gore busted for using 20 times more household energy than the average American. This is pretty careless I think, I would've thought a man as experienced in politics as him, having campaigned for the envornment for 30 years, would've seen something like this coming and done something to avoid it. Everything comes out these days, and the fact that in your household energy consumption per year is 221,000kWh compared to a national average of 11,000kWh.... well.

    It is a nice house.

    I can't say I'm that bothered about it because I've believed for a long time that the things we as individuals can do aren't as significant as the things companies and governments can do. There's no tax on aviation fuel for example. And with all the pollution going on in the world I can't really believe that me turning a light off for a few hours is going to make any difference. I am lobbying my mum though to change all our lightbulbs to energy efficient ones!

    I watched An Inconvenient Truth a couple of weeks ago and it's an amazing film. Admittedly it's presented in a very bias way; "look at all these pictures of rivers and trees, you don't want to lose this do you? do you?" But it all makes sense and I found nothing to argue with, although Devil's Kitchen did (he's probably drunk).

    Gore's environmental advisor says "All the energy used for the Nashville home came from a green power provider to the Tennessee Valley that draws its energy from solar, wind-powered and methane gas supplies, among other sources." So maybe it's not so bad.
  • Prince Charles in trouble for daring to question corporate authority.

    I admit I've been watching too many Chomsky videos this week, so here's my Chomskian analysis: Charles was brave (or stupid) enough to attack one of the biggest companies in the world, and this resulted in intense shock from Radio 4, BBC news, as well as McDonalds themselves who had the NERVE to say his "dissapointing remarks shows he's out of touch". Someone was trying to point out the fact that McDonalds makes kids fat (you can't argue with that, they may be trying to look cool with posters of salads on the outside but everyone still goes in for a burger), and recieves a harsh rebuke from the media and the company attack him in public? Now i'm not saying Charles isn't an idiot, but at least he's trying to promote healthy eating and do away with companies like that who are obviously more interested in profit than world health.

    This also links nicely with this story about some woman who was complaining that "doctors" let her kid get too fat by not doing enough to help. The fact that she let him eat chips and crisps all fucking day had nothing to do with it! It's all the doctors fault! They were going on about this on PM yesterday it was hilarious. What's next? "I never sent my kid to school and now he's thick as shit, it's all the governments fault" etc.
  • On page 6 there's a typically scandalous advert from Ryanair thinly veiled as a political message (everyone with sense knows the only reason they put this in is to boost their profits), full of lies and propoganda about the new airport tax. "£1BN JUST DISSAPEARS INTO GREEDY GORDON'S POCKETS". Are they thick as shit? Gordon Brown's gonna be having a good night out on all this cash though isn't he, cos that's what happens with taxes! "NOT A PENNY SPENT ON THE ENVIRONMENT". Yes Ryan that's right...the government never spend any money on the environment, especially compared to your company who fly planes through it and bring our country closer to destruction every fucking day.
  • Lot's of boring stuff about Brown/Milliband/Clarke, don't really care.
I think that's about it really. That was an awful lot of thinking so I'm gonna have to go dull my brain with some Fifa 2007.

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