Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Road Pricing

Remember that petition where a million people signed up to oppose road pricing (basically pro-global warming)? Well fortunately someones started an opposite one, urging the government to implement road pricing and distribute the money into public transport etc. This is the only logical option if we want to last more than say 50 years without the sea rising to flood half of London, as well as most of Holland, Bangladesh, a few miles into the coast of every country round the world. I urge you to sign it and think before using your car.

I have to say though exploring the rest of that website is pretty depressing, the most popular petitions include "Continue funding for the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team - The Red Arrows" (a worthy cause if ever I heard one), "repeal the Hunting Act 2004." (!?!?!??!), "scrap speed cameras" (yeh cos who doesn't love a bit of speeding/child killing?). It's like a hub of right wing ignorance.

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