Friday, February 02, 2007

Tony Blair on the Today program tomorrow morning

I'm looking forward to this, won't it be hilarious! Let me predict:

Blair: "I can't say anything about that"

Blair: "For obvious reasons I can't answer that question"

As replies to pretty much everything he's asked. What a waste of broadcast time it shall be. You can even email him your questions if you can think of anything broadcastable.


=_=ClEaNBoY=_ said...

lol...did u edit that image yourself...ITS VERY GOOD!! he he

but seriously that last 4 or something blogs u did were pretty good...quite eye opening if u get me lol.

scatty shit

the corruption is just beyond me....

Anonymous said...


Blair is a cock. I dont see how he is allowed to get away with not answering questions etc. grrrr

oh look, jonat sent u a comment!

love Deary

anarki said...

hehe cheers guys. yes i did make it myself, i'm the photoshop master