Thursday, March 08, 2007

About the Police beating of Toni Comer

LENIN'S TOMB: Restraint, provocation, racism and the usual suspects.

The woman is 5'6", and 9 stone, and she was pinned down by at least four men who we know for a fact were strong, trained in combat techniques, trained in restraining techniques. The idea that she had to be beaten up in this fashion is an extremely tall story.

When you add the possibility that she was experiencing an epileptic fit - something the officer in question gave credence to by stating that she did in fact have foam at her lips - then we have a more sinister dimension. It points to either dangerous ignorance or callousness.

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Anonymous said...

xkAs an old fogey ex soldier I have to say the choices are with the young people. where is that old spirit of protest that the young can be so good at, Be warned when senior officers like the chief constable of South Yorkshire defends actions like this. Your generation are in for a rough time at the hands of a growing police state. Let it stand at your peril. See where your freedom to blog will get you in years to come.