Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Woman Blames Her Problems On The NHS

Woman weighing 42st 'left to die' - Yahoo! News UK

A mother-of-four who weighs 42 stones claims she is being left to die because the NHS will not pay to treat her obesity. Sharon Mevsimler has been confined 24-hours a day for the past 18 months to one room at her Chelmsford, Essex, house where her husband, Bulent, has given up work as a chef to look after her. The 37-year-old began comfort eating after suffering from post-natal depression. Her weight ballooned and she has now been told she cannot undergo surgery until she loses at least 12 stones. Mrs Mevsimler has been warned that she could have just months to live unless she takes drastic action as her weight is severely impacting on her heart, and she now requires oxygen to help her breathe. Four years ago, the NHS paid for her to stay in the exclusive £5000-a-week Priory clinic for three months and she went from 35 stones to 28 stones. However, Mrs Mevsimler claims the weight piled back on after the funding was withdrawn. She has since refused her local health authority's offer of a psychiatric unit to help her lose weight. She said: "I suffered from postnatal depression and I never got any help or support with it," adding that she has not had any support from her GP or the NHS. Mr Mevsimler has denied being 'a feeder', someone who deliberately supplies a loved one with an abundant supply of food in order to gain weight. Although his wife admits to snacking and comfort eating every day as well as a love of takeaways, he said: "I love my wife and I want her to get better and from the NHS, I'd like her to get provisional help, and for her to get better as soon as possible."

They already spent £60,000 pounds putting her in the Priory. £60,000!?!??!?!?!?!?! I think post-it notes all over the house saying "eat less" would have done the trick.

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