Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Guardian round up

Here's another one.

  • Claims that supermarkets have been dishing out contaminated fuel must have happened too late for the print edition. They were talking about it on Radio 4 news last night, I'm not sure what to make of it really. "Tesco said last night that it had done extensive tests on batches of fuel and had not found any links to its stores." Something must have gone wrong though for all these peoples cars to break. Crazy. Maybe the eco-warriors contaminated the petrol! ha.
  • I thought this was an interesting story about some mad gambler that had to be legally forced to pay £2m that he owed to a casino in Mayfair. "between October 1994 and April 2006 the defendant visited the claimant's club on over 600 occasions, purchasing gaming tokens to the value of over £91m and, in the process, losing over £23m." I thought that kind of stuff only happened in James Bond. The managing director of the casino was incredibly nice about it for some reason, saying "We waited six years because he is a very important client. We have known him for years and he is a respected member of the club. Unfortunately we have shareholders and we couldn't allow it to go on."
  • Interactive TV shows are ripping you (fortunately that is you and not me) off when you text in surprise surprise.
  • On page 6 there's a little ad at the top linking you to, next to a youtube logo and an invitation to "Waste office time watching our selection of classic sporting clips".... I bet UK productivity will be high today eh!? It's not very good when the majority of our population relish in being able to do anything other than the job they're meant to be doing. Is it that idealist to dream of a day when everyone doesn't hate their job?
  • Fortunately though there is one piece of good news! Menzies Campbell has pledged to lead the no lobby against Trident. Although his position is defending a decision till 2014 rather than saying no altogether, it's the best we can hope for for now. MPs are voting on it on March 14th, go to the CND to see what you can do to help scrap this obscene and illegal killing machine!
  • Tony Blair built 21 Academies costing £25m each, and they don't even perform aswell as normal schools. Great.
  • There's a horrific story about a killing in Rio de Janeiro. Delphine Douyere had been an aid worker for years in Bosnia and Mexico, she completed her doctorate with a dissertation called "Street Children of Rio de Janeiro and Non-Governmental Organisations", and moved there in order to help children escape their lives of poverty, drugs, and death. She met a former street kid called Tarsio Wilson Ramires and hired him to work at her NGO in Copacabana. But then she found out he had stolen £20,000 from the oganisation. Apparently scared of being found out, police believe, he hired two people to help him kill her. To make the story even worse, the woman had recently had an argument with the doorman at her building after he refused to let some children in, she then told him to let everyone in, "whether they were street children or foreign diplomats". On Tuesday morning the men came, claiming they were coming to fix a computer. The doorman let them in, and they went upstairs and stabbed Delphine Douyere to death with kitchen knives, along with her husband Christian Doupes, and their colleague Jerome Faure. I don't know how you explain that kind of madness.
Sorry to end on that sad note but that's about it for today, nothing else worth noting really apart from lots of good comment pieces in the editorial pages, and on Comment Is Free. Go read.

I'll be sure to make some non-Guardian related posts later don't worry.

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