Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Surely we can all agree that Tesco own a large enough percentage of the world? Considering they already take in 1/7th of all high street shopping. Anyway I was just walking back from town and a car had been stopped by the police at the side of the road, but behind it was one of those Community Police Cars and the sides and back were splashed with huge "donated by Tesco" signs. Isn't that a bit of a disgrace? Surely the police should be impartial, surely there are rules covering influence from individuals or corporations?

Imagine this, there's a robbery at Tesco and Asda at the same time, the police are called, which one are they going to go to first? Obviously their first thought is "How can I best please the shareholders". Also imagine the irony of a Tesco Police car having to stop a Tesco van for speeding etc.

I charge Trowbridge Police Constabulary with Gross Misconduct and being really really lame.

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