Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Themes for Google Personalized Homepage

Google Operating System: Themes for Google Personalized Homepage

Google Personalized Homepage becomes a little bit more "customizable". Now you can select between the default theme and six other childish themes. Themes change the background, text colors, icons, Google's logo, button sizes and more.

I love stuff like this, if you enter your location the theme will change according to the weather where you are and whether it's day or night, very clever. I remember one of the first big programs to do this was when Black and White came out, it would automatically retrieve weather data from the internet and then in game it would rain or shine depending on what it was like where you live. Intense.

The Google Homepage is really good, but I'm still using Netvibes which just seems a whole lot quicker and smoother, and I already have about a hundred feeds in it which I can't be bothered to move over. It is pretty amazing being able to just open up my homepage and in one window I can see my emails, news, posts on my favourite forums and blogs, whether I've got any myspace messages etc. Saves so much time rather than having to open about 10 different web sites every time I open Firefox!

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