Sunday, April 15, 2007

16 Year Old Girl Drinks Alcohol

BBC NEWS | Health | 'I hope I haven't damaged myself'

I'm a bit confused as to why this warrants a story on bbc news. At first I thought she must be some savage alcoholic or something, but look:
She drank at least two litres - and sometimes up to four litres - of cider on a Friday and Saturday night - and sometimes on a Sunday too."

Even on a Sunday!? Shocker. In my town Trowbridge it's almost tradition that when you get to sixth form and turn 16 you start going down the swan or the rose and crown every friday and saturday night (unless you have no friends) and I doubt many people drink less than four pints. This girl's alcohol intake seems pretty average to me...although maybe that explains the state of Trowbridge.

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Anonymous said...

alcohol is bad for you. and if you drink too much of it it will affect your health in later life. Drinking four pints on a friday might be a usual for us, but it doesn't mean its healthy, or right, or that other should do it.