Monday, April 23, 2007

Clever People Smoke Cannabis Shocker

Danger Room - Wired News

Believe it or not, a tremendous amount of work has been done, and is currently being done, at LANL to solve this issue.  The Security Team at LANL has finally been given the unfettered attention they need to solve the problems and they are now being listened to at the very top of the food chain.

As to drug tests, that is an age old saga in DOE.  The National Labs attract some of the best and brightest minds our nation has to offer.  Unfortunately, most of them also come from strong collegiate and academic backgrounds where the utilization of drugs is rampant.  This is an age old problem and one that is not new to DOE.  It was an issue all the way back to the inception of the weapons complex: two cultures colliding (academia and military) to resolve national defense problems.  The requirements for drug screenings is nothing new in DOE and has been a condition of employment for as long as I can remember.  Unfortunately, some of these very bright minds that work at the labs from academia are also very bright at figuring ways to defeat the drug tests so that they avoid being picked up on a screen.  There are ways to fool drug screens and mask the results and I have no doubt that this could have happened here.

No smoking gun on this issue with LANL.  Just a dishonest person, who intentionally deceived the system and lied to gain employment.  That is why we have multiple checks and balances in place that include: compartmentalization of information, polygraphs, drug screens, financial checks, Human Reliability Programs, psychological interviews, etc. set in place to ferret out this type of individual.

Interesting. Clever people who get caught smoking weed are allowed to keep their jobs and continue developing Nuclear Weapons. But if you're working class, that 1/8th in your pocket will get you a night in a police cell. Nice.

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