Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Netvibes Universe

Enter the Netvibes Universe - Netvibes.com Blog

I've been using Netvibes since last summer and it's probably the most significant genius and efficient use of "Web 2.0" I've seen so far. Nothing beats loading one page and being able to check your 6 favourite websites in one glance. Anyway though they've just come out with something even better, called Netvibes Universe. It's a system that lets you create your own shared page, a bit like Google reader's, and let everyone else see what you've been reading etc. But I think the best part is how they've linked up with bands and artists and companies etc to create their own pages, check out the Deftones one. This is a really good way of unifying data from a few websites all into one place for quick easy access. Things have been getting a bit complicated lately with bands having a website, fansites, a myspace page, youtube page, blog, flickr page etc, but now all these things can be streamed into one page so that for example a Deftones fan can look at this and know they're really not missing any information that's out there.

I was considering yesterday switching over to Google's homepage, the main reason being that allows me to display a feed of all the new stories from Google Reader in a little box. I'm sure there should be a way to get that feed displayed in Netvibes but it refuses to accept it for some reason, says "invalid feed". If anyone can give me some advice that would be appreciated.

I'll create my "Universe" and put up a link as soon as it's ready.

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