Monday, April 16, 2007

US University Shooting

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US university shooting kills 33
Asked why the campus was not closed after the first shooting, Mr Flinchum said that, at that stage, it was thought to be an isolated incident.

This shooting is so shocking and sick, when I first heard at about 5pm today it shocked me completely. I sat in front of my computer frozen for about five minutes. It felt like I could have been one of them. The news came out very slowly though, the first report was one death, then 20, and now 33. I expect most of them were students, 18-25 year old young people. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my friends like that.

I didn't even think about the lax us gun laws at the time, because it was too horrific, it wasn't really something to question. But then I read this. They didnt close after the first one because they sed it was an isolated incident. So one shooting is ok? If someone fired a gun at my university i'm pretty sure the whole place would be evacuated...

Also for some reason all the American's I've heard commenting on this still agree with the Constitutional right to carry a gun. There was a guy on radio 4 saying something like "It wasn't even a big assault rifle, it was just a small everyday handgun". I think that shows you part of the problem right there, that guns are so accepted into US culture, a "small little handgun" isn't even seen as dangerous. People need to realise that any size gun is a deadly weapon and is really too powerful to be in the hands of every normal person in the world, at least without much much stricter controls.

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