Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Domino's Pizza!

God damn stupid Domino's Pizza! After four calls telling them to stop sending me adverts, they still do. I've kind of ignored the last few because I couldn't be bothered but this morning I thought hey, lets give them a bell:

(ring ring)

Domino's: Hello Domino's marketing department how may I help you?

Me: Stop sending me adverts

Domino's: Can I just take your name and address

Me: (Gives name and address). This doesn't work though does it, because this is the fifth time I've rung up

Domino's: Oh, well I've never spoken to you before

Me: Well I'm not lying! THIS IS THE FIFTH TIME!

Domino's: Ok I'll pass your details onto our agency that handles the advertising

Me: Just stop sending me adverts, thanks.

(I hang up)

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