Friday, May 18, 2007

Government Worried About Contaminated Cannabis


I'm wondering if this is a bit strange. If it's illegal and everyone "just shouldn't do it", why are the government sending out memo's warning about this stuff with glass in it. There's nothing they can do is there? Due to the decision to leave this market in the hands of criminals who'll add anything in to make an extra buck. Personally I'd much rather the government controlled it, then they could make sure the stuff was clean and (relatively) safe. Over half of 16-29 year olds have smoked cannabis at least once, are these people all "criminals"? Is there any point the government having a law that most people have broken? Discuss.

Anyway it does say it's getting better:

c. the proportions (of glass particles) in seized cannabis in February (4.6%) and March

(5.9%) are lower than that in January (9.6%), which may indicate that

the market is changing in response to the media and concerns of users.

Always buy from someone you trust :).

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