Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guardian Redecorates The Front Door But None Of The Insides.

Guardian Unlimited | Network front

Oooooh. Dunno how long it's been like this but I've just come acress the Guardian's new front page. Verrrrry snazzy I must say. It's pretty swish how headlines pop-out as you hover over pictures, and there's more space for blogs and video etc. For some reason though, they've only redesigned the frontpage, and the rest of it is the same as before, although now it looks even more boring when you compare it to the home page, and the width is different so it feels like you're on a different site. Bit wierd. Maybe they're still tweaking it a bit though, I'll give them a chance!

I'll also take this opportunity to comment on the greatness of G24. There's a collection of PDFs you can read or print off, usually about 10 pages long with a selection of articles from the days paper. We don't get the paper delivered every day anymore so I've been printing this off to read over my morning cereal, very nice. It's also updated every 15 minutes throughout the day so if you fancy reading it at say 4pm, you'll know you're well up to date!

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