Monday, May 21, 2007

Halo 2 Vista

BBC NEWS | Technology | Halo 2 gamers face Vista upgrade

I know this article is over a year old but the game has just come out and thus I am angry now.

Microsoft are bastards, I'm 99% sure it would have been technically possible to allow this game to run on XP. I wouldn't be surprised if they've specifically coded it to not run on XP, at extra cost. Ah, but not really an extra cost! It's called the economy, stupid. Everyone who wants to play Halo 2 (lot's of people) will be forced to shell out an extra £100 for Vista, which does nothing majorly better than XP, or fork out for a new PC which they don't really need.

I'm entirely certain now that Microsoft have a deal with the hardware companies (Intel, AMD, ATI, nVidia etc) where MS artificially and unnecessarily raise the minimum required specifications of each Windows release, and then end, and even block, all support for the previous version (in this case XP) eventually rendering it unusable and leaving you with no choice. It would be very very possible for Microsoft to design their operating system to run on old computers. It's staggering how like, 10 years ago or so, the standard was about 200mhz, 32megs of ram, and windows 95, yet your computer still ran fine. It wasn't "slow". It only becomes slow when you try and install a newer version of windows on it, which looks the same yet uses four times as much system resources.

So even though the majority of PC users only use their computer for browsing the internet, reading emails, typing letters, they are literally forced to upgrade to super-fast new PCs, and a new operating system which renders it slower than it was before. Ridiculous.

Um I had something else important to say but I've gone off on a bit of a rant there. Something for you to think about anyway.

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