Monday, May 21, 2007


Think Progress » ‘When The President Does It, That Means That It Is Not Illegal’

This video is well dark. Nixon: "When the president does it, that means it is not illegal". So by definition anything you do is legal. Murder, rape, pillage, genocide, whatever. Doesn't sound like a great system of government to me.

It reminds of this classic little exchange from South Park 2.14 - Chef Aid:

Chef:Well, you see, Mr. Big Record Producer, "Stinky Britches" was something I wrote several years ago.
Mr. Big Record Producer:[has a long lock of hair going from right to left on his balding head] Hmmm. I really see no resemblance between that song and "Stinky Britches" by our artist, Alanis Morissette.
Kyle:It's the same goddamned song!
Chef:Now, look. I'm tryin' to be cool about this! But you just can't rip people's music off! It's against the law!
Mr. Big Record Producer:I am above the law!! [the lock falls forward, and he dabs some SPOOGE gel to put it back in place] Mr. Chef, I'm afraid you leave me no alternative. We're going to sue you.
Chef:Sue me?! You stole one of my songs, and you are going to sue me?!
Mr. Big Record Producer:Yes. I suggest you get a real good lawyer. We'll have the best in the business.
Kyle:We'll get my dad to be Chef's lawyer!
Cartman:Yeah, and he's Jewish!

I am above the law!

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