Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Israel Attacks Gaza (not really news)

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza | Israel and the Middle East | Guardian Unlimited

I say not really news because this happens like everyday. Still pretty bad. Hamas and Fatah are almost falling into civil war, which just makes things doubly depressing. Palestine is already occupied by Israel and every week innocent Palestinians are kidnapped and killed by the IDF, they could at least be united in defending themselves but they can't even agree on that. Surely all this anger and violence should be directed at Israel rather than within themselves.

I would have thought it would be in Israels interests to keep the Palestinians fighting each other rather than them, but for some reason they've launched air strikes on buildings in Rafah, "leaving several people buried in the rubble".

A war is bad enough when there's two groups of people who hate each other, but three groups of people now seem to be aiming for the destruction of the other two.

I did read though that a group of people from the EU had formed a delegation and gone to Gaza to talk with politicians, in spite of the EU embargo on any dealings with Palestine (they voted for the wrong party). Can't find a link now, but that's good news.

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