Friday, May 18, 2007

Privatising Justice

Obviously I wouldn't normally link to Iain Dale (aka Mr "I don't want my blog scrutinised by people I don't like"), but to ignore an important story just because he found it would be childish, so:

Car crime victims must foot the bill (via Devil's Kitchen)

If your car is stolen in Norfolk, the police won't do anything about it until you've paid at least £105 to a PRIVATE COMPANY who for some reason have been given a contract the police's work for them. I'm sorry but at what point did we start privatising the police? When were we informed of this? I don't believe it was an issue during the last election.

The police's defence

in the case of motor theft evidence could be found more easily in purpose-built facilities run by outside operator Recovery Management Services.


Mr Gilbert pointed out that the force has one of the top performing forensic departments in the country, being rated 'excellent' by Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary in its most recent assessment

Anyone see a discrepancy here? If they run "one of the top performing forensic departments in the country" why have they had to outsorce their evidence gathering to a private company?

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