Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SHOCK: Former CIA Director Was Corrupt

George Tenet cashes in on Iraq | Salon News

Well, this is entirely unprecedented! While George Tenet was head of the CIA, he was also (coincedentally i'm sure) on the board of directors of "four corporations that earn millions of dollars in revenue from contracts with U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense". I shouldn't have to spell this out but will anyway:

CIA: We need to hire a defence company to carry out some work for us Mr Tenet. We have recieved a number of bids and the two best ones are from "L-1 Identity Solutions", whom you work for, and some of other company whom you do not work for. To which company should we give the contract sir? The decision is in your hands oh honest crusader of freedom.

Does this scenario remind you of any other US politicians? (Apart from...oh yeah, ALL OF THEM!?)

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Anonymous said...

It's usually a good idea to check your facts before you post. George Tenet left the CIA in July 2004 and became a director of L-1 and Guidance Software in December 2005, a director of Granahan McCourt in July 2006, and a director of Qinetiq in October 2006.

anarki said...

Oh ok I got that part wrong. Still though he orchestrated an illegal war and is now profiting from the deaths of Iraqi civilians.