Thursday, June 14, 2007

HAHA Americans.

YouTube - Chasers War on 9/11 Stupidity

Best video ever. It manages proves that the state of the world isn't the fault of the American public, because they're just too thick and ignorant to understand what's going on at all. Obviously it's easy to cut out all the right answers and just show the stupid people, but the fact that anyone would give one of these answers is disturbing enough, let alone dozens and dozens of people.

Choice quotes:

Q: "What month did 9/11 happen?" "October"

Answers: "October", "August"

Q: "What was the date of 9/11?"

A: "September 9th", "September 1st", "August 16th".

Q: "In which two cities did the 9/11 attacks take place?"

A: "Two cities? It was in two cities? Did I miss something?"

Yes..yes you did.

"Whatever Bush thinks is right, he's from Texas he's got to be right".


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