Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No Talk Of Cannabis In THIS Country!

Student suspended after voicing marijuana opinion

So now you're not even allowed to write a scientific paper about the damage of certain drugs, and then come to a conclusion based on facts. This is so obvious it's just silly. The powerful people in our world have decided that alcohol=good, marijuana=bad, based on nothing but wild speculation and superstition which defines which drugs are socially acceptable or not.

A 15 year old kid who has never used or even seen marijuana, tries to use his scientific skills and education to come to an INFORMED conclusion. This is obviously frowned upon, and he is suspended from school.

How about this; FUCK YOU, and let us decide for ourselves what is good or bad for us.

I'm also kind of bemused about people getting arrested at Glastonbury for drugs. 34 People were arrested before they even got on the train. I can't find the final statistics but as of Sunday morning they said "160 people had been arrested - the vast majority for drugs related offences." Now think about this, 160 arrests out of 177,000 people. That's 0.0009%, do you think thats similar to the amount of people who actually used drugs at Glastonbury? Or do you think it was more like 50%? What the fuck is the point in going to a place where most people are "breaking the law", and arresting 0.0009% of them? There's no way you can argue that that works as a deterrent. And how many people do you think were arrested for being drunk? Probably none. The likelihood of someone on cannabis or ecstacy getting violent and beating some one up, is about 1/1000th of the likelihood with drunk people. Surely whether you are "breaking the law" or not, should relate to how much harm/damage you cause people?


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