Friday, June 15, 2007

Record Execs > University Professors

An IFPI & BPI Board Member Writes… at New Music Strategies

It expresses opinion, it’s not factual. If you persist then I shall make a formal complaint to the University.
It seems university lecturers aren't allowed to state opinions anymore! The lecturer continually asked for specific innacuracies in his article, and tried to form a debate, but Mr Music Fat Cat wasn't having this, and just threatened to "complain to the university" whatever that means. I've no doubt the university would back him all the way even if a "complaint" was made.

And this guy wonders why record executives are perceived as bullies.

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1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Don't be so sure the university would back him.

Google "Stuart Reges" and "drug czar". And here's his eloquent explanation of the The incident.

Universities are not as supportive of their faculty as you'd think. There are dozens of cases which demonstrate this.