Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WARNING: Shrek 3 Will Turn Your Children Gay

illinoisreview: Shrek: a strange setting to promote transgenderism

Be careful.

Shrek's not the problem; It's the awkward inclusion of a transvestite and the uselessness of the character himself (herself?) in the story that is troubling.

Right in the midst of a warm "traditional family" setting,  the film writers place a man dressed as a woman in with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White (the good gals).  The crossdressing character simply doesn't make sense, except as a ploy to desensitize children and parents to transgenders.

Ah yes that's probably it, the only reason for them putting in a man in womans clothing was to try and "desensitize" people to "transgenders". Why shouldn't this be the case? The obvious extension of your argument is that it should be illegal to wear clothes designed for the opposite sex. You can't outlaw a man wearing a dress, they're allowed to walk down the street and your children might (SHOCK) see them. So what's the point in banning it from a film?

Conservatives piss me off.

Incidentally I've seen Shrek 3 three times since it came out, it's a pretty amazing film, has me chuckling most of the way through! Favourite bit:

Artie: This is lame

Merlin: YOU'RE LAME!

To deprive this from kids would be the only crime.

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