Sunday, July 08, 2007

The BBC News Front Page

I must admit I study this slightly religiously, it's interesting trying to work out which criteria they use to decide whether a story should be at the top or not. I noticed something yesterday but forgot to write about it:

At about 1pm, the headline was about two British soldiers killed in Iraq (obviously a tragedy) and then underneath that was something about 50 Iraqi's killed in a suicide bombing. Obviously I had a little rant to my friends about how stupid it is that 2 British lives are valued higher than 50 Iraqi lives, but then something changed. The death toll from the Iraqi bombing reached 105, and then it was sufficiently important to go at the top, above the death of British soldiers. I reckon this shows that the "limit" is 100; one British death is more important than 99 foreign deaths, but when that number reaches 100 it's deemed "horrific" enough or whatever, to get to the top.

I know many people say this is obvious, and obviously people are going to care more for people "nearer" to them, but I'm starting to wonder why. We're all people, every life is worth the same? It's kind of wierd how we hold July 7th in history as a savage event, but 52 deaths is nothing compared to the horror and murder we inflict in Iraq every single day.

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