Thursday, July 12, 2007

London 2012: Sponsored By Global Warming

BBC NEWS | England | London | EDF is announced as 2012 sponsor
The sponsorship deal gives EDF exclusive marketing rights in the utility services sector
Oh, that's good. Way to open up the markets there! Only takes a quick Google search to discover a few bits of information on "EDF Energy".

The Ecologist
In 2002 the European Commission ordered EDF to return €900m derived from tax breaks which the firm had used to finance foreign acquisitions. EDF invested nothing in renewable power in the UK in 2004.
Fuel Mix:

3% of their energy comes from renewable sources, 75% from Coal and Gas.

This leads to Lord Coe claiming:
"This is very important to us: sustainability is at the heart of London 2012 and we're looking forward to working with EDF to make London a 2012 truly sustainable Games."
Really? In what way do EDF come anywhere NEAR to promoting sustainable energy use? Oh, they've got a plan:
Pierre Gadonneix, company chairman and chief executive, said EDF Energy would use their association with the London Olympics to encourage people to make a 15% improvement to their carbon footprint by 2012.
See it's all making sense now. We (the Proles) must reduce OUR carbon footprint by 15%.

Some would say the emphasis should be place more on the energy companies investing more in renewable sources of energy. It's a hell of a lot easier for them to choose where energy comes from than us. You get me?

Screw the Olympics.

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