Monday, July 09, 2007

Typical Fox News Bullshit

This is a good example of how when people are told they're wrong, they just shout louder and louder until they're heard. Doesn't matter what the actual facts are.

The end is the best; "You're misrepresenting him", "No YOU'RE misrepresenting him". Sounds like the playground.

Here are some other annoying quotes, courtesy of News Hounds.
"Accept for partisans, you can't find three people who live between
Manhattan and Malibu who even know who Lewis Libby is. This is an example of a story that's big in the liberal bubble in Washington. It's not a big story amongst regular folks in the rest of America. [...] "We go to the American people and we ask them if they can pick out Kansas on a map and they can't. We ask them if they can pick out England on a map and they can't. We ask them who the Vice-president is, they don't have any idea. Who's the Secretary of State? "I don't know." The we go to them and ask them what they think of the Lewis Libby commutation? I don't care what the American people have to say about these things." Bernie Goldberg, The O'Reilly Factor, 7/5/07

I'm not quite sure what this guy's trying to say... No one in America cares about politics, and this is a good thing? I'm also slightly confused about how American's use the word "partisan". As far as I can tell this just means you're allied to one particular party and will follow that line, but why is that a bad thing? They use it in such a negative way, just like "liberals", "socialists", and 50 years ago, "communists".
"Lately your show has deteriorated into a screaming match for liberal, filibustering women. How about limiting your women to one each show, or even none? Men can demonstrably discuss things politely, sharing the time." An email Neil Cavuto read at the end of his show on Monday, 6/25/07
Just, why? Why would you even read that out?

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