Thursday, September 06, 2007

One cannabis joint led to our girl's suicide

'One cannabis joint led to our girl's suicide' - Telegraph
Miss Bower-McKnight, who had suffered from anorexia in the past, had already smoked normal cannabis with friends but decided to try a joint of skunk - and the experience proved devastating.
Bull.Shit. There's no way there is that much of a difference between "normal cannabis" (whatever that means) and "skunk". Either way she had smoked it before, but "One cannabis joint led to suicide" is a more exciting headline isn't it really. It's always funny how after a death people manage to blame it on whatever they feel like. There were probably a dozen contributing factors to this girls tragic suicide (anorexia, depression, bullying, anti-psychotic prescription drugs), but the parents have taken it upon themselves to identify one of them (co-incedentally the one most feared and misunderstood by society) with little qualification.

Obviously I'm sorry for the girls parents, but it's reefer madness all over again...

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Anonymous said...

reefer madness indeed.