Monday, January 07, 2008

Clarkson Comeuppance

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Clarkson stung after bank prank
TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has lost money after publishing his bank details in his newspaper column. The Top Gear host revealed his account numbers after rubbishing the furore over the loss of 25 million people's personal details on two computer discs. He wanted to prove the story was a fuss about nothing. But Clarkson admitted he was "wrong" after he discovered a reader had used the details to create a £500 direct debit to the charity Diabetes UK.
HAHA LOL WHAT A PRICK! I hate Jeremy Clarkson so much it's unreal. I'm tempted to report him to the police for speeding, providing taped episodes of Top Gear as evidence. Why do the police turn a blind eye to celebrities breaking the law? One can only hope this is the beginning of a long and painful fall from grace. At least Diabetes UK is £500 better off, although they could have at least given it to an environmental charity for added irony.

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