Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Fascists

BBC NEWS | UK | Police in protest rally over pay
An estimated 18,500 police officers are marching in central London in a protest over pay. Officers are angry that a 2.5% pay rise has been backdated to only 1 December for officers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
One can only assume that they have received police permission? The route of the march is very clearly in the exclusion zone:

If the bottom one is too small to see click it for a larger version. Also amusing is that "150 officers will be policing the event". 150 police officers for 18,500 protestors? Surely that's asking for trouble. I've been to protests where there was scarcely more than a thousand of us and at LEAST a thousand police officers. They seem to go for a 1:1 ratio when its the proles, but it's more like 1:123 when its just the pigs out?


UPDATE: Further coverage can be found at the Void.

Also I was just watching Channel 4 news where they went out and interviewed a few of the marchers. I hope to jebus that this wasn't a representative selection of police as their words ranged from idiotic to simply retard. The first guy just looked confused and said something like "Well I'm here for the same reason everyone else is", but then another guy was asked why he was marching and he replied "In the first 3 weeks of this year I've been into a burning building, stopped a man with a firearm, and been confronted by a man with a meat cleaver, why shouldn't I get paid?"

Now I'm no economist but I believe a 2.5% pay rise is different to "not getting paid".

And finally: BNP Candidate marches in front row? Surprising?


Phil said...

"Organisers claim that 20,000 people were on the march, but according to the police the correct figure is... well, 20,000. At least. Call it 25,000."

Anonymous said...

this makes me SO angry, they're selfish cunts man. I heard a quote from one who said "teachers get a (not sure of exact amount)3% pay rise and we only get 2.5%, its just not fair!"...

FAIR?! WTF do police know about fair? and anyway, life's not fucking fair!

Police > Cunts