Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Freecycle Trowbridge


Someone has set up a new Freecycle group for Trowbridge so I thought I should advertise it. I've been a member of the bradford-on-avon group for ages but was always confused as to why there wasn't a Trowbridge one, bradford on avon is just a smaller town next to us...it's insane. Anyway someones finally started one up so yay.

If you've not heard of this before, its a network of local online groups around the world, mainly in the form of a mailing list where people can offer things they no longer want or request things they need. You can choose the types of email you get sent and I get one everyday with a list of everything, it's great to get up in the morning and look through a list of stuff people are simply offering up for free. Since I've been reading it I've picked up a couple of computers and my sister managed to get a load of kitchen stuff before she left for uni, toasters, plates, cutlery.....board games. That's not really kitchen stuff.

Anyway it's a great site, go see if there's anything you might like, or perhaps offer up some old junk before you take it to the skip. You know what they say, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure or something. I'm sure this applies to women too!

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