Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Take Photo's Of Security Guards

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My friend and I were photographing in the town. I spotted a man being detained by this security guard and a policeman, some kind of altercation was going on, i looked through my zoom lens to see what was happening and then moved on. Moments later as i walked away this goon jumped in front of me and demanded to know what i was doing. i explained that i was taking photos and it was my legal right to do so, he tried to stop me by shoulder charging me, my friend started taking photos of this, he then tried to detain us both. I refused to stand still so he grabbed my jacket and said i was breaking the law.
With this kind of shit happening more and more I'm starting to feel it's our moral duty to pick up a camera and take as many photo's as possible, of everything everywhere, just to annoy retarded brain-dead security guard pricks. In all seriousness if anyone's ever met a security guard that isn't a complete twat, I'd be interested to hear from you.

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