Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dumb File Sharers Caught Out

BBC NEWS | Technology | Fake media file snares PC users
The fake file or trojan has been widely distributed on the eDonkey and Limewire file-sharing networks.
In other news, people still use eDonkey and Limewire! lol. In case you too are still living in 2003, here is a useful formula to remember:

uTorrent + Demonoid = lots of win

If you are not fortunate to be blessed with a Demonoid account (I have run out of invites sorry) I can only recommend The Pirate Bay.

Also even when using amazing private sites, always virus-check your files. You can setup uTorrent so that it scans files as soon as they are finished. This is recommended.

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Jim Bliss said...

I tend to agree in general. But Limewire actually does have uses. Just try to find a torrent of a rare Motown single, or a long-lost Bob Marley track. Ain't going to happen.

Full albums? Sure thing. Entire commercially-released back-catalogues? Yeah. Movies? No doubt.

But individual rare tracks? For that you still need Limewire (or an equivalent).