Monday, May 26, 2008

Student held in US for gun 'dare'

BBC NEWS | England | Hereford/Worcs | Student held in US for gun 'dare'
A British student has been arrested in the US for attempting to buy a gun for a dare using fake ID, US police said.
Ok I dunno if it's because I've just woken up or what, but this is the most fucking insane story I've read in a while. So many thing's I don't understand....Why does a student attempting to buy a gun in America give reason for his university to be evacuated and searched? Also why wasn't he allowed to buy a gun, when you can get one free with a car in America? He explained to the gun dealer that it was a bet, so why didn't the seller just say "Oh right well i'm not selling you one so looks like you lost the bet, bye" instead of ringing the police? Is losing a bet a criminal offence? The police "confirmed the university search had not been terror related." Yet they blew up a package anyway (you know how they always do that, oh we're scared, let's go through the bins, ah this is a suspicious package! let's blow it up.)

Need more details please.

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