Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bush Visits On Fathers Day

Stop the War Coalition Online
War criminal George Bush will visit London during his European tour this month. He is expected on 15 June.

Stop the War is planning a protest in London on that day against Bush and his war policies, and against the British government's continuing support for his wars. Watch this space for more details.
I've been quite gutted about the timing of this, because I have band practise on sundays and this meant I couldn't go shout at George Bush, which would have made me feel quite a bit better about the bastard if I'd had a chance to properly protest with everyone else. I was in the process of getting over this, when it came to light that we couldn't do practise on sunday anyway, so I had a very brief moment of elation before it dawned on me that this sunday is Father's day anyway, so I'll have to do that really! What great timing! I'm in no doubt that they planned this deliberately, last time Bush visited London it was on a weekday, but Stop The War still organised the biggest weekday protest that this country has ever seen. Unfortunately I'm sure I'm with the majority of people who will be spending time with their fathers this sunday instead of shouting at the world's biggest war criminal.

I hope my dad appreciates my sacrifice!

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