Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's OK If You Meant Well

BBC NEWS | Technology | Police close file on BT's trials
"They said that there was no criminal intent on behalf of BT and that there was implied consent because the service was going to benefit customers," said Alex Hanff, one of the chief campaigners in the case. So it appears I have been misunderstanding the law my entire life. It turns out that if you didn't mean any harm, and you thought you were trying to help, then it doesn't matter what laws you break! As Nicholas Bohm put it:
"A driver who kills someone when drunk has no criminal intent. It is not a necessary ingredient of a crime," he said.

"As for the idea that consent is implied on the grounds that some people would like a service, that is not good enough at all," he added.
So if I kidnap a fat person and keep them imprisoned so that I can make sure they get a healthy diet, that's ok because I'm trying to help!!! Glad I've got that cleared up.

It's also interesting how the police assume that providing more adverts to people when they browse the internet is "benefiting" them.

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