Sunday, September 07, 2008

Privatisation Of Data

BBC NEWS | UK | Data on 5,000 justice staff lost
The details of employees of the National Offender Management Service in England and Wales were lost by a private firm, EDS, in July 2007.
Obviously this is happening a lot recently, but every time I read a story like this my first question is why are private companies being allowed to control this kind of data? It seems to me all the government does these days is look at what people want, and then find a company which they can pay to do it for them. Am I deluded in thinking that the government should provide services for people? These days they are nothing more than middle men who see a problem and instead of solving it themselves, they just pay a company to do it for them. Some (the capitalists) would call it outsourcing, others would call it privatisation by the backdoor.


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