Tuesday, September 09, 2008

With Regard To Spore

Spore War | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

You may have heard there is rather a furore surrounding Spore's DRM, it's even reached BBC News. As usual in the world of PC gaming, the most useful debate is to be found on Rock Paper Scissors, and I found this comment to be possibly the best I've ever read on the internet, ever:
JonFitt says:

@Diogo Ribeiro: “Do you seriously think it’s admissable that 1200 people only criticize one aspect and even fail to properly mention everything else about the product?”

If you can’t get into a pub without a cavity search from a 7-foot bouncer, do you review the bar snacks?
In case you're not familiar, Spore have implemented a system where you can only install the game three times, before you have to ring up and argue with tech support (and we all know how fun that is). This is frankly ridiculous as most Windows users will by now be used to the almost compulsory yearly format+reinstall, but unfortunately after you do that twice you will no longer be able to play Spore, which you paid for. Unlucky. Obviously the point of this is to stop piracy, but it has actually made no difference whatsoever. The game was up on Pirate Bay three days before the official release - as with every other computer game - and hey, you can install this version as many times as you like!

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