Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brown Confused

Gordon Brown and David Cameron square up over tax policy | Politics | guardian.co.uk
Brown told his Downing Street press conference: "The Conservative proposals are an unfunded tax cut …

"They change their policy every day, they have a new issue to get them on the news but it is not serious in measuring up to the problems we face.

"This is not a funded tax cut, the money is not there to fund what is proposed. It is not serious for the problems we face. I really do think we need serious policies for serious times.

"If we are going to be serious we need to move from one-off initiatives to a serious strategy for tackling the crisis."
And then, from the BBC:
Pressed on whether there would be unfunded tax cuts in the pre-Budget report, expected next week, he said: "You have to take action that is initially unfunded because that is actually how you do a fiscal stimulus.

"The aim is to get the economy moving forward by higher levels of economic activity and that is precisely what we are doing."
So their unfunded tax cuts are a stupid idea, whereas your unfunded tax cuts will boost the economy?


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