Sunday, November 23, 2008

Football Is Gay

BBC NEWS | UK | Football clubs owe tax millions
More than £28m of tax money owed by struggling football clubs in English divisions has been written off by HM Revenue and Customs, the BBC has found.

The debt was incurred by 18 clubs which have gone into administration with unpaid tax bills in recent seasons.

In one case, Leicester City settled just 10% of their £7m tax bill.
Er I'm sorry, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!?!?!? I can't begin to find the words to describe this. I don't like football but at least it doesn't usually have an affect on my life, people can watch it and I can carry on playing video games, but since when do they have the right to take £28m of our fucking taxpayers money? Which other companies are Revenue and Customes going to decide don't have to pay all their tax!? Oh my god. I have zero sympathy for football clubs which decided to start running themselves like a business, and ended up with no money to pay their players, they made the fucking choice. That's what capitalisms about right, choices and risks? Except for the rich and powerful it's only easy choices and no fucking risk.

Why on earth aren't the chief executives of these clubs put in prison until they've paid everything they owe? It makes no fucking sense. Look at the table at the bottom of the article, I might start writing letters.

"Dear Leicester City, we are still awaiting your payment of £6.3m. Pay up soon you fucking cunts."

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