Friday, November 14, 2008

Israel Is A Cold And Disgraceful Nation Of Terror

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Hamas barrage as Gaza under fire
On Thursday, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said it had no more food to distribute in the Gaza Strip, because of the Israeli blockade.

A five-month truce between the two sides has been under increasing strain in recent weeks.
Regardless of what someones done, no one has the right to starve them to death. Even the most detestable criminals get fed in their cells, and to refuse to allow another human food would be a crime in itself. Yet Israel go even further and think its ok to literally starve an entire nation, an entire race of people, because of the actions of a minority.

This most recent blockade is an appalling and sickening act and should rubbish all claims made by Israel that they are seeking peace. All they want is further bloodshed, the death of more Palestinians which will in turn lead to the death of more of their own people.

The US and UK should be doing more, or in fact ANYTHING, to try and stop this blockade, and uphold the right for every country of access to food and fuel for their civilians. Unfortunately I have yet to hear such a statement from either Gordon Brown or Barack Obama.

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