Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Israeli War Crimes

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israeli incursion into south Gaza
The Israeli military has launched an incursion into the Gaza Strip and clashed with Palestinian gunmen there.
I always look forward to listening to the 8.10 interview from Radio 4 when I wake up, but this morning I saw the words "Shimon Perez" and was filled with anger. What kind of bullshit lies is he going to spew this morning I thought, and it wasn't long before I found out. Perez sounded very diplomatic and peaceful during the interview, "There are no Israeli's in Gaza, not one soldier, we have pulled out, we have dismantled the settlements blah blah blah". The fact is that while Perez was vomiting this crap into his microphone, Israeli troops were actually conducting one of their regular raids into Gaza and killing innocent civilians.

The fact that Israeli's President would go on Radio and lie about seeking peace whilst actually sending soldiers into the country is not surprising, but still as disgusting and reprehensible as these actions have been since 1967.

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